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TD Contestants about to crash the SOL by cartoonfan22 TD Contestants about to crash the SOL :iconcartoonfan22:cartoonfan22 4 0 Loud Kids Watching MST3K by cartoonfan22 Loud Kids Watching MST3K :iconcartoonfan22:cartoonfan22 2 2 What If The Loud House Meet The Simpsons by cartoonfan22 What If The Loud House Meet The Simpsons :iconcartoonfan22:cartoonfan22 3 5
Next Time on Mystic Ponies Season 6 Episode 15
"Next Time on Mystic Ponies"

笑話節! (The Jokelypse Day!)
Terrorcreep, Fluttershy and her animal pets were on their way back home. Suddenly, they heard some noises - rustling bushes, swooping noise and even eerie wailing. They turned to dark forest as they saw reddish eyes.
Fluttershy gasped: Wh-What's that?
Terrorcreep: Enemy! Fluttershy, ruuun!
Fluttershy and her animal friends quickly ran off at once. Terrorcreeo armed with his twin axes. He screamed wildly as he charged straight into the dark forest. He began attacking his target.
Fluttershy and her animals kept on running as fast as they can while panted heavily. They got stopped at once as they came across the same creature emerging from the mist. 
The creature flew to the sky while glaring at Fluttershy and her animals. They all looked scared and worried. The creature screeched wildly, causing the shy one to
:iconcartoonfan22:cartoonfan22 2 2
Next Time on Mystic Ponies Season 6 Episode 14
"Next Time on Mystic Ponies"
The Great Applewood Derby (該 大 蘋果木 德比)
Cheerilee entered the classroom as her students greeted her warmly and gently.
Cheerilee smiled: Good morning, everypony! I hope you brought your thinking caps, because today we're going to learn about physics!
Scootaloo: Physics?
Nyx: Like we're studying kinetic energy or mobility?
Cheerilee: Mm-hmm! Specifically, the use of force in energy conversions! In this case, using mechanical work to convert potential energy into kinetic energy!
Apple Bloom: The what now?
Sweetie Belle: Um, Miss Cheerilee? That sounds a bit over our heads.
Scootaloo: Yeah. Why would we even need to know that stuff?
Cheerilee: Oh, it's very important. In fact, you'll most likely end up using it tomorrow.
Apple Bloom: Tomorrow? What for?
Nyx: Why do I get the feeling? This is gonna be something surprise us.
:iconcartoonfan22:cartoonfan22 3 1
Next Time on Mystic Ponies Season 6 Episode 13
"Next Time on Mystic Ponies"
陌生人 比 風扇 小說 (Stranger Than Fan Fiction)
Rainbow Dash arrived at the Daring Do Comic Convention Center. She arrived at the 'Daring Do and the Quest for Sapphire Statue' temple cardboard-made of. Rainbow Dash tested on the tile gently. They fired long banners-like out.
Rainbow Dash: This is the...
Rainbow Dash and Quibble Pants: ...awesomest thing ever!
Surprised as Rainbow Dash turned to her left side and found an Earth Pony with gray mane and tail worn Daring Do's cosplay.
Quibble Pants: Now this is something that only a true fan can appreciate.
Rainbow Dash: They even put the tiles in the right order.
Quibble Pants: Huh. Good catch. Oh, I'm Quibble Pants. Nice to meet you.
Rainbow Dash: Rainbow Dash.
Quibble Pants and Rainbow Dash gave each other a hoof bump.
:iconcartoonfan22:cartoonfan22 3 2
Battle of the Stick Figures by cartoonfan22 Battle of the Stick Figures :iconcartoonfan22:cartoonfan22 3 2
Next Time on Mystic Ponies Season 6 Episode 12.5
"Next Time on Mystic Ponies"
自然的心 (The Heart of Nature)
Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash emerged from the Mystic Portal. They gasped in shock and surprise as they found something shocking to them.
Fluttershy: Oh my...
Rainbow Dash: What the hell?
Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy witnessed the city was covered, gripped and tangled by thousands of roots and weeds. Mystic Ponies screamed and chatted in fear and concern about it.
Rainbow Dash: What's going on here?
The Peace Nature Guardians and Sacred Light Wizards were guiding and leading the Citizens of Mystic Woods out from the villages, towns, cities and state of both Sacred Light Land and Elvish Forestland.
The forest launched its several tentacles-like roots at the town, launching the tornado-like leaves, and even firing the rainstorm of sharp splinters
:iconcartoonfan22:cartoonfan22 2 1
Next Time on Mystic Ponies Season 6 Episode 12
"Next Time on Mystic Ponies"
调味你的生活 (Spice Up Your Life)
Rarity and Pinkie Pie arrived at the Canterlot City. They found a unicorn playing her axe guitar wildly and harmonically while singing.
Rarity yelped: What in the world?!
Pinkie Pie whistled: Wow! She's good as DJ-Pon3. What's your name, DJ?
Lemon Zest [singsong]: What's my name?! What's my name?! The name's Lemon coz I loved yellow and it's a lemon! It rhymed wildly, dude! And believe me, I am so wild rhymed girl! Why do they do call me 'Zest'? I gives the best of the best songs of the world! Woohoo! Yeah, baby!
Pinkie Pie: That is so awesome, Zest.
At the fancy restaurant, both Rarity and Pinkie Pie were eating i
:iconcartoonfan22:cartoonfan22 3 2
Sonic's Cars 3 Trailer
Author's Note:
Remember back in 2013 when JusSonic made his second pixar fanmake: "Sonic's Cars"? Well, here's a trailer to the upcoming Sonic's Cars III.
"JusSonic Presents"
"A JusSonic Production"
It's race time as the racers began their race with them turning to the curve as one of the drivers began to speed and catch up with the other drivers....
"Sonic is fading, fading fast!" then Sonic's car began to skid out of control!
It seemed that timed slowed down as his vehicle has began flying, tumbling and crashing all around as sonic is breathing heavily....
"From This Moment On, Everything Changes"
"Coming Soon"
Author's Note:
Well, that was grim... anyways, tell me what you think but until next time, leave a :+fav: and a watch!
:iconcartoonfan22:cartoonfan22 3 5
Next Time on Mystic Ponies Season 6 Episode 11
"Next Time on Mystic Ponies"
(Flutter Brutter)
Zephyr: Guess who's home? 
Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash yelped in concern. They turned to their back and found a pony standing on the entrance.
Zephyr: That's right, big sis. It's your one and only favorite little brother. A-moi!
Fluttershy groaned in embarrassment yet softly. Mr and Mrs Shy smiled uneasily while waved to their son. Rainbow Dash was annoyed while looked away.
Terrorcreep groaned: Who is this imbecile?
Rainbow Dash: Trust me, TC. You're gonna hate him a lot.
Zephyr: Well hahaha, hello there, Mr Gothy. And who you might be? Never seen you around. But I've gotta love your looks and costume! You're like a real vampire.
Terrorcreep: Because I am one. My name is Terrorcreep. And I'm your older sister's boyfriend, insect.
Zephyr chuckled: That's a good one. If you are
:iconcartoonfan22:cartoonfan22 3 5
Next Time on Mystic Ponies Season 6 Episode 10
"Next Time on Mystic Ponies"
遊船 (Pleasure Cruise)
Dragon Kick and Shadow Dragon were at the docks. They were leading the Royal Guards in moving and pushing the wagon of statue of giant fat yet ugly greenish demon-like ogre with two heads and sharp fangs worn demonic armor with spikes to the factory ship.
Dragon Kick: Thank you for accepting my offer, Dragon Hope.
Shadow Dragon: Not a problem. So, what's the situation here?
Dragon Kick: Two attempts of theft on Chaos Herald of Gluttony statue. But who and why?
Shadow Dragon: I have the feeling that I know who is it.
At the restaurant, Caramel was well-dressed in his suit while waiting at his table. Applejack arrived at the scene as she was in well-dressed.
Applejack: Caramel, I'm so sorry for the date again. I guess I've got lots more of chores and works to do.
:iconcartoonfan22:cartoonfan22 3 2
Cartoonfan22 Stress Meter by cartoonfan22 Cartoonfan22 Stress Meter :iconcartoonfan22:cartoonfan22 1 0
Next Time on Mystic Ponies Season 6 Episode 9.5
"Next Time on Mystic Ponies"
美容 和 她 皇家卫队(Beauty and her Royal Guard)
(One Year Ago, Equestria)
Through her point of view, she panted heavily as she was running across the tall grasses. She turned to her back and found a spotlights flashing around the area.
The demonic masked soldiers were searching around of the area.
Dark Mystic Soldier #1: Did you find her?!
Dark Mystic Soldier #2: Negative. We must keep on searching for her. Because if we don't, the Mystic Ponies will know our presence!
Dark Mystic Soldier #3: Don't remind me! I don't wanna go back with empty hooves. Our master won't be please of our results!
?: I can't stop now! I've gotta get out of here!
(Present, Human Realm)
Sunset Shimmer entered the bathroom as she was lookin
:iconcartoonfan22:cartoonfan22 3 4
Next Time on Mystic Ponies Season 6 Episode 9
"Next Time on Mystic Ponies"
該 鞍 行 評論 (The Saddle Row Review)
A Manehattan newspaper columnist named "Buried Lede" is at a diner in which Manehattan interviews Rarity and her friends one-on-one about the opening of "Rarity For You". 
"Okay, kid, ya successfully opened a shop in Manehattan and that's no mean feat! Most ponies might wonder what it feels like. Here's how it's gonna be: I'm gonna interview you and your friends so I can paint a picture of how it all came together. A word picture, mind you, not an actual picture. Any questions?" 
"Well, I was wondering—" Rarity was about to ask a question but buried lede interrupted her.
"Let's get started!"
The door was opened. Rarity and her friends turned to their back and found a cyan Earth Pony with short purp
:iconcartoonfan22:cartoonfan22 3 2
The Undertaker vs Calypso by cartoonfan22 The Undertaker vs Calypso :iconcartoonfan22:cartoonfan22 0 3
The Awesome Stuff, You Won't See Anywhere Else!


Curse of the Demon Pony by nigel5469 Curse of the Demon Pony :iconnigel5469:nigel5469 21 6 My Jak And Daxter Controversy by cameron33268110 My Jak And Daxter Controversy :iconcameron33268110:cameron33268110 1 3 Lola As Lucy Scares The Noobs by cameron33268110 Lola As Lucy Scares The Noobs :iconcameron33268110:cameron33268110 6 1 SAVEWOY Lincoln Loud Meme by TunesLooney SAVEWOY Lincoln Loud Meme :icontuneslooney:TunesLooney 20 7 Just Repeat to Yourself....... by TheSciFiArtisan Just Repeat to Yourself....... :iconthescifiartisan:TheSciFiArtisan 129 30 MST3K-Lion King 1 And A Half by QuantumInnovator MST3K-Lion King 1 And A Half :iconquantuminnovator:QuantumInnovator 54 11 Lincoln playing Sonic Mania by skrallhunter Lincoln playing Sonic Mania :iconskrallhunter:skrallhunter 12 3 Loud House Anime Comparision Chart by DEEcat98 Loud House Anime Comparision Chart :icondeecat98:DEEcat98 19 2 Middle of the Night 3 by CoyoteRom Middle of the Night 3 :iconcoyoterom:CoyoteRom 335 110 Kick Buttowski - Kindall - Jungle Movie Couple by TXToonGuy1037 Kick Buttowski - Kindall - Jungle Movie Couple :icontxtoonguy1037:TXToonGuy1037 17 15 Hey Arnold - Arnelga - Cuddle Date by TXToonGuy1037 Hey Arnold - Arnelga - Cuddle Date :icontxtoonguy1037:TXToonGuy1037 24 1 Loud Family Disney Part 2 by KessieLou Loud Family Disney Part 2 :iconkessielou:KessieLou 97 26 Loud Family Disney Part 1 by KessieLou Loud Family Disney Part 1 :iconkessielou:KessieLou 112 60 TLH: Luna Loud by CartoonAnime2000 TLH: Luna Loud :iconcartoonanime2000:CartoonAnime2000 70 12 Make Your Own Loud House Cast Genderbent Meme Samp by DEEcat98 Make Your Own Loud House Cast Genderbent Meme Samp :icondeecat98:DEEcat98 40 4 [Request] Hot Sauce by eagc7 [Request] Hot Sauce :iconeagc7:eagc7 164 52
Here's The Favs of My Friends Creations


by eagc7

Ahh yes, A Picture made by eagc7 based on the critical acclaimed Loud House Story: "Trustworthy" by none other than :iconyoshiplayer15:. This piece of ar...

...... :O DANG!!! I-I-I Didn't Realize that It Couldn't Be Done, But What I Saw... OH LUNA AND CELESTIA!!! It's Amazing!!! This Fits the...

WOW!! This is Amazing, I'm Seeing that the Gorillaz are Ponies and Their Appearances are Based on The Music Videos and I Have to Admit....

This is Amazing, A Wonderful Picture Seeing The Main Six in like a medallion, But there is one flaw in the book, The Problem is 4 out o...


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Pinkie Pie

WOO! You have boundless energy and will take every single possible moment to exert it! Not only that, but you looooove to party, so wherever you can be that you can party and get down at, you will want to be! Your love of parties and laughter makes you a very fun pony to be around, because all of your friends generally have a good time when they're with you — as long as your overabundance of energy doesn't irritate them. You don't just go against the grain, but you pretend the grain isn't even there, saying neigh to the norm and doing whatever it is you want to do, regardless of how silly it may be. Your carefree attitude is admirable in that sense, but you can easily get discouraged when people don't quite 'get' your sense of randomness and laughter. If you can't put a smile on a friend's face or if you disappoint them, you'll feel bad about it. Despite your rather quirky nature, you often times do know exactly what you're doing, even if it may seem you're going about it in an odd way. You have a certain sense of things and it would be wise for your friends to believe you. You may be naive and carefree, but you're willing to try almost anything out, even if you're completely clueless on it. You're also a very creative pony, dabbling in songs, performances, and other creative ventures, while also coming up with creative solutions to whatever problems may be out there.
Me and my family are okay with cheyenne now.
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