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Please Note: I'm Trying to do the 1st Ever Crossover Series

[Tad walk to His Mom and Dad's Graves, and Put the Flowers on Top of Their Graves.]

Tad: I Miss You Mom and Dad.

[Suddenly a Mysterious Man Walks to Him.]

Tad: AAH!!! Who are You?

The Mysterious Man Gives Him a Letter.

Tad: What's This?

The Mysterious Man: It's From Someone You Know, You'll Find Out.

Tad: Wait a Minute, What are You Talking About?

But Tad Didn't Get Any Answers as the Mysterious Man Walks Away.

Tad Opens the Letter and Reads it.

"Dear Tad, I'm Mr. Stu Pickles, and a Brother of Drew Pickles, and The Father of the Son: Tommy Pickles, I Got Good News for You, I Did Some Research, and Guess What? You're Gonna Be a Cousin of Tommy and a New Son! and There's Gonna Be More of Your Family Relatives When You Meet Them, and Be Sure to Come to Our House for Our Baby Shower, and I'm So Sorry about Your Mom and Dad, They are Great Parents and I Hope They Raised You Well, Give Them My Regards and Be Sure to Pray for Them. Sincerely, Stu Pickles"

Tad: I'm a Cousin of Tommy Pickles and a New Son that is Coming? [Tad Thought for a Minute and Realized that He Still Has a Family.]

Tad: Wait a Minute, Then That Means... I'm Not the Last Fox Family Member Any More.

[Tad Went Home to Pack Up His Stuff, and He went to the Airport and Left to The Pickles Family's Home]

Tad Fox

E.G. Daily

Christine Cavanaugh

Kath Soucie

Cheryl Chase

Cree Summer

Tara Strong

Jack Riley

Melanie Chartoff

Michael Bell

Tim Curry

David Spade

Whoopi Goldberg

Busta Rhymes

Tad's Adventures of The Rugrats Movie

[The temple is surrounded with Reptar statues. The Rugrats climb the cliff and are at the cave's entrance. The temple is dark and gloomy inside, as we are there, looking towards the outside, as the Rugrats race in. Once in the cave, Chuckie stops.]

Chuckie: Aah! This place give me the juicebumps!

[A group of bats fly out of the mouth of one of the Reptar statues.]

Phil: Maybe we should go back!

Lil: Very back!

Tommy: No! We can't go back now, you guys! Okey-Dokie Jones [whips with his jump rope] never goes back!

[The Rugrats move near a door shaped like Angelica's head. They act surprised. Inside the "mouth" is a bright, orange-colored light.]

Tommy: Hang on to your diapies, babies, we're going in!

Tad: [voice over] That's Tommy Pickles. He's the Bravest Baby Cousin I Ever Known.

[Tommy races towards the door. As he got there, the door slammed, but he raced in there once it's open, and after he entered, it slammed shut again. Phil & Lil look surprised.]

Tad: [voice over]  And that's Phil and Lil. Uh, uh, well... they like worms.

[Phil & Lil hold hands and rush in through the door, which closed behind them.]

Tad: [voice over] And That's Chuckie, Um... He's Not So Brave.

[Chuckie was hesitant to enter, but was "whipped" in by Tommy.]

Tad: [voice over] But That's Okay, Cause He's Got Tommy, and He's His Bestest Friend. [giggles]

[The Rugrats run to a tower on which is perched an idol. They climb the towre to reach the idol. While trying to take the statuette, the idol becomes a banana split and a trap is released, which causes an enormous rock to roll towrds them.]

Chuckie: Watch out!

[The babies starts to shout while running like the wind to try escape the rock.]

Tommy: You guys keep going!

Phil: It's Right Behind Us!!

[Suddenly, the floor open itself in front of them. Tommy, Phil & Lil made the jump, but Chuckie misses his, hanging on the brink.]

Chuckie: Tommy!

[Tommy Looked Back at Chuckie to See that He's Hanging on the brink and Realize that No Baby Gets Left Behind, So He Grabbed Chuckie Back Up to Get Him Back Up in His Feet]

Tommy: Come on, Chuckie!

[Back to reality: The rock was Didi's stomach.]

Didi: Tommy!

[The babies scream and run away.]

Didi: You kids shouldn't be playing in here!

[The Rugrats run away at full speed...]

Tad: [Voice Over] I Thought The Fun Times Would Last Forever.

[Rugrats run into glass patio door and fall on the floor]

Tad: [Voice Over] But I Was Wrong.

Didi: Oh, my.

[Betty holds onto Didi as she picks up the Rugrats.]

Betty: Upsy-daisy, Didi.

Didi: Thanks!

[Betty opens the patio door and let the Rugrats go out. The grown-ups are having a baby shower for Didi.]

Susie: Thank you for inviting me to your baby shower Mrs. Pickles.

Didi: Glad you could be here, Susie.

Tad: and Thanks for Letting Stu Invite Me to your baby shower Mrs. Pickles.

Didi: Glad you could be here too, Tad.

Woman #1: What a pretty party dress, Angelica.

Angelica: Thank you. My mommy's assistant bought it especially for my Aunt Didi's party.

[Susie laughs and Tad Snickered while making fun of Angelica's dress.]

Angelica: [to Them] Both of You, Don't Say a Word.

[Along the fence, Aunt Miriam is in front of a blackboard, taking bets on the new baby's weight.]

Aunt Miriam: All right, I got $20 on 8 pounds, 6 ounces. 8 pounds 6. Who's got 8-7?

Man: Twelve!

Aunt Miriam: 12 pounds? What are you, crazy?

Chazz: Gosh, you can hardly tell she's gained any weight.

[While turning over, Didi knock over the table with her stomach.]

Woman #2: [as she proceeds to clean up the mess] Oh, don't worry.

Chazz: I mean, you know from behind.

Minka: There you are, Didala. Come. Look what we got for you. Boris, move your tuchus.

Didi: A goat? Oh, mom, you shouldn't have.

Minka: Nothing better for the little bubula than goat's milk.

Boris: Except maybe yak. But you try finding good yak these days.

[The babies and Tad run here and bump in the goat.]

Boris: [to the Rugrats and Tad] He's saying, "Hello". There you go, kinderlach, some chocolate coins.

[The Rugrats & Tad take the coins and hide their selves under the table.]

Woman #3: Everything I, Oh...

[On way to table, Chuckie bumps into ladies; they all gasp.]

[Pan to bottom of table.]

Phil: Aren't you gonna eat it, Tommy?

Tommy: Nope. I'm savin' it for my baby sister.

Chuckie: Oh, you mean, she finally came?

Tommy: Not yet, but they're giving her this big party, so I'm pretty sure today's the day.

Lil: Do you think she got losted on her way to the party?

Tommy: Hmm, I don't know. Maybe we better go look for her. Come on!

[Rugrats climb out from under table.]

Chuckie: Uh, but, Tommy, she could be anywheres.

[Chuckie bump into Didi's stomach.]

Betty: Watch it, pups.

Didi: Careful.

Tad: Hey, Where is Your Husband?

Didi: in The Basement Talking to Drew, His Brother, Why?

Tad: Just Wanted to Say Hi, and Say Thanks for Sending Me the Letter.

[Tad Went Inside and Down to the Basement, Meanwhile Charlotte arrives; as per usual, she's talking to Jonathan on her cell phone.]

Charlotte: [on phone] I'll get back to you, Jonathan. I've got to say "hi" to the life of the party. [to Didi] How's our little man?

Didi: I told you, Charlotte, Dr Lipschitz says it's a girl.

Betty: Ha! That windbag thought Phil and Lil were intestinal gas.

Aunt Miriam: Face it, dolly. Riding high, it's a guy.

Charlotte: Well, you know what they say, "Born under Venus, look for a..."

[Charlotte's phone rings, interrupting her conversation. She immediately answers.]

Charlotte: [on phone] Hello?

Didi: Now, now, Dr Lipschitz is the expert. I don't see any of you with a Ph.D. in Latin.

Betty: Yeah, pig Latin maybe. Well, let's just hope for Tommy's sake it's a girl. I'd hate to think how much my pups would be squabbling if they were both boys.

Didi: Uh, uh, uh. Let's not do any gender stereotyping. After all, Stu and Drew are brothers, and they get along just fine.

[at The Basement, Tad Was about to Talk to Stu about the Letter, But He's Got One Problem, Stu and Drew are arguing.]

Tad: Hey Stu, Where are You, I Just Wanted to Say...

Stu: Pushy!

Drew: Lazy!

Stu: Bossy!

Drew: Inconsiderate!

Stu: Nosy!

Drew: Good-for nothing!

Stu: Busy-body!

Both: Why can't you listen to me?

(Tad is confused at what's going on here.)

Drew: We're talking about a real job, Stu, with benefits.

Stu: [shouts] I'm not going to waste my life as a clock-punching, paper-pushing, bean-counting... [calms down] Oh, no offence.

[Tad Tries to Make Stu Focus on Him.]

Tad: Uh, Excuse Me.

[Stu and Drew Looked at Tad]

Stu: Hey, Tad, You're Here, How are You Doing?

Tad: Oh, Doing Good. How about You?

Stu: Just Fine... Wait, What are we Arguing about?

[Tad Pointed Both Drew and Stu for a Reason]

Tad: You Guys were Arguing about Stu Not Having a Job.

Drew: Oh... Right.

[Stu proceeds to weld.]

Drew: You can't even make ends meet now. You got no insurance, no savings, and another kid on the way!

Stu: For your information, bro, I am working on something right now that is going to put this branch of the Pickles family on Easy Street.

[Drew Lifts Up Stu's Welding Mask]

Drew: What is it this time, huh, an electric sponge?

Stu: Of course not! That was last year. [reveals a skeleton of the Reptar Wagon] This, this is the Reptar Wagon! The ultimate in toddler transportation. The perfect children's toy!

[Grandpa fixes an old radio as he talks.]

Grandpa: In my day, we had plenty of fun just throwing rocks at each other. Big bag of dirt clods, that's what the kids want.

Stu: The Reptar Corporation is holding a toy design contest, and the winner gets $500!

Drew: [sarcastically] Ooh!

Stu: And there'll be plenty more if this toy's a hit, and I'll be famous!

Drew: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. That's what you said when you built that stupid thing.

[Drew points to a Dactar glider, which is suspended from the ceiling, Tad is Confused of What it is.]

Tad: What's That?

Stu: That's My Old Invention: The Dactar Glider, It was Gonna Be a Toy But it Failed, It was a little complex, but... this...! [speaking into microphone, in normal voice] I am Reptar! Hear me roar!

Reptar Wagon: [Stu's voice, distorted] I am Reptar! Here me roar!

[The Reptar Wagon About To Shoot Fire]

Tad: Oh Boy.

[The Reptar Wagon spit fire!]

Tad: DUCK!!!

Drew: AHH!!!

Grandpa: Dang-flabbit! Can't a man work in his own basement without getting barbecued?

Stu: OK, so maybe real fire isn't the best idea for a children's toy.

Tad: Ya Think!? [He Looked at Drew's Clothes When It's Smoldering] Hey Stu, Drew's Clothes is Smoldering.

[Stu sprays Drew with the fire extinguisher, While Tad Snickers.]

Tad: Hey, I Gotta Go Upstairs to Check My Cousin, I'll Meet You Outside Later.

Stu: Okay Tad, We'll See You Later.

[Stu Waved to Tad: See You Later He Did The Same Thing to Stu, and Went Upstairs.]
This is My 1st Fanfic Adventure Series Beginning with the Coolest Babies Around, The Rugrats!!!
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